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The concept underlying the philosophy of GF Interiors is Made with Love in Italy and contains passion in the selection of materials, care in craftsmanship, attention to detail and high technical capacity for a product with a marked sartorial value.

wardrobe with island


Jazz as a creative process based on interaction, rhythm and fluidity is the source of inspiration for Night in Jazz, the new catalog by Guzzini & Fontana. Just as this genre has been able to innovate the musical habits of its time, so GF Interiors products are designed to break the traditional patterns of furniture, finding new and unprecedented locations that interpret the continuous changes in the sphere of living. And just as improvisation allows jazz to always remain current by constantly changing, so new models, finishes and materials make their entry into the Guzzini & Fontana collections to design spaces that are increasingly welcoming and usable, capable not only of integrating more functions but also to dress the entire home in the name of a design with contemporary elegance.

A catalogue for Day Systems where Jazz is the principal matter of inspiration, it perfectly fuses with the amazing sophistication and elegance of Guzzini & Fontana’s products. A proper introspective path that is born for the jazz musician’s personality to find a unique way of arranging a house. The result is in a collection of environments that have a very strong personality and with a hypnotic charisma. Jazz represents for GF INTERIORS’s freedom of expression, going beyond the music sheet to obtain unique performances, in the same way this happens in its collections where GF experiments infinite variations of materials, shapes and finishes that give rhythm and sound to an everyday living.

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