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Starting with a solid wood base, custom cabinetry and furniture is then accented with a selection of matte glass, metal and Neolith ceramic to create beautifully aesthetic pieces. There is no fiberboard to be found anywhere and no harsh chemicals on any surface. Along with planting more trees than they use from sustainable protected forests, TEAM 7 trains the next generation of wood craftspeople to carry on the tradition of handmade quality and a commitment to the health of people and our planet.

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Living & Dining Catalog TEAM 7 2023 1.png

Living & Dining

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Home Office

ARTEZIA European Cabinetry | Design Studio is opening the flagship Bay Area TEAM 7 showroom in early 2024! Get in touch to be notified of the showroom opening or to discuss TEAM 7 and your home project.

Solid wood luxury custom kitchen cabinetry
TEAM 7 kitchen cabinetry luxury slid wood customizable
Custom luxury foyer closets
Luxury custom foyer closets
custom bedroom desk
custom bedroom closets luxury european design
Sustainable solid wood furniture from Europe

"We were already eco before it was cool."

Read more about TEAM 7 and their commitment to sustainability here

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