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Kitchen Cabinetry Design

Kitchen Cabinetry Design focuses on designing the layout and details for new kitchen cabinetry and includes a total of 28 design hours at our rate of $125 per hour. The Kitchen Cabinetry Design package includes existing and proposed floor plans, proposed elevations, and 3D renderings. This package is for small to medium-sized kitchens with no structural work, no walls being moved, and no major layout changes. Large kitchens and spaces with more detail require more design hours and will incur additional charges.

$3500.00 USD
4 Santa Ana Kitchen - 3.jpg
  • Provided by Client: The client must provide photos and dimensions of their kitchen, appliance make and models, plumbing fixtures, countertops, and other kitchen-related materials.

  • Project Site Visits: Project site visits are not included in the Kitchen Cabinetry Design package. A project site visit to take dimensions and photos, inspect access, and look at other details that may impact the design, delivery or installation work can be added for an additional charge.

  • Drawings: Produce existing and proposed floor plans and proposed elevations on 11x17 paper in 1/2" scale. Show all cabinetry details on drawings, including openings for doors and drawers, internal shelving, integrated lighting, special hardware, and cabinetry order-related notes.

  • 3D Renderings: Includes up to three different finish combinations once the cabinetry layout is complete so the client can visualize what the results will look like, including finishes as close as possible for floor, counter, backsplash, and plumbing finishes. The client is allowed up to three major revisions.

  • Timeline: Allow at least three weeks for designers to complete the initial design work before scheduling a showroom visit to review details, costs, and options. The timeline is mainly determined by how quickly Client makes final decisions.

Cabinetry order: After the design is complete and ARTEZIA has presented pricing options, if the client decides to move forward with a cabinetry purchase in the design specified, a 10% credit of the pre-tax order from ARTEZIA's European vendors will be applied to the total design work, not to exceed the full amount of the design cost. This results in a drastically reduced design fee with associated product purchases and, in some instances, free. Please note that upgrading to the Full Kitchen Design package is permissible at any time throughout the process and the $5000 difference in fees would apply.

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